Lance Woven Leather is a design studio specializing in hand-woven leather for upholstery,
walls, and floor coverings. After twenty five years of developing the most beautiful leathers for premiere fashion houses, we took our weaves from runway to hallway, collaborating with interior designers and architects whose creative vision becomes the finished product.

We weave in Italy, the US, and are particularly proud of our partner factory in Bangladesh,
where expert hands push the boundaries of this traditional art form, creating artisanal and exceptional materials for the home.


Working with us

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    Share your vision

    Tell us about your project.
    Do you envision a woven leather clad wall or covering set of vintage dining chairs? With images, tear sheets or elevations, we will consult with you on the best weave, and make suggestions about details.

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    While we have created beautiful colors, we will also custom dye. Most important is to play with the textures, crushing them in your hands.
    “One touch is worth ten thousand words.”
    – Harold H. Bloomfield Quote

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    Your skins are dyed, stripped and woven, by the panel in cut sizes, ensuring nothing is left behind on the workroom floor.

SMP_5711-3 SMP_5711-3

Royal Bohemian

In weaving

  • 2. Inspecting Leather 2
  • 3. Stripping Leather
  • SMP_5709
  • 8. Inserting Jute for Lungarno 2
  • 1. Inspecting Leather
  • SMP_5668
  • SMP_5736
  • 5. Templating for Quadro
  • 6. Punching Leather for Quadro
  • 7. Inserting Jute for Lungarno
  • 9. Weaving Denim Natural
  • 10. Weaving Grand Poldark Lana 2
  • 11. Weaving Grand Poldark Lana
  • SMP_5703
  • 12. Weaving Thonet
  • 14. Gold Foiling 1
  • 15. Gold Foiling 2
  • 16. Gold Foiling 3
  • 18. Thonet 9 mm Step 1
  • SMP_5726
  • 19. Kos Parchment
  • SMP_5670
  • 20. Royal BOhemian HV
  • 21. Montecristo Step 1
  • Weaving Charlie Brown’s Tee Shirt
  • SMP_5690
  • SMP_5716